Arnaldo's Banquet Center
18275 Quarry Street
Riverview, MI 48193
(734) 282-2198
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Information For Our Guests

We are so excited to have our ceremony (and reception) at Arnaldo's Banquet Center in Riverview, MI. Our ceremony room has a painted mural and beautiful decor, from top to bottom. We love the atmosphere, but we also know that our wedding is made better by the people surrounding us, so we are so excited to share this special moment with you!

Driving Directions

Arnaldo's is located on Quarry Road just off of Sibley Road between Fort Street and West Jefferson in Riverview, Michigan. Our venue is close to I-75 and Telegraph, and it isn't too far away from I-275 and other major roads. Everyone should be able to find a variety of ways to get to Arnaldo's with ease.


If you would like to find directions from your address to Arnaldo's, use the following link that allows you to plug in your address:

Arnaldo's Website with Map & Directions:


There is also a map above for you to view before making your way to the ceremony. Just click the orange "view map" button to see this. You may also plug in the address (18275 Quarry Road, Riverview, MI 48193) into a variety of free online mapping services, including MapQuest or Google Maps.

Additional Information

Because Arnaldo's is our venue for both our ceremony and reception, there will be separate entrances for each event, both of which are located right off of the parking lot. The entrances are very close to each other, so it will be very easy to find. The unique-looking door farthest from Quarry Road will be used for the ceremony, and the main entrance will be used for the reception. But don't worry! Just in case, we will either label or notify guests which door to use for which event.

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